Professional Learning Digital Network

Professional Learning Digital Network (RÉseau PédagoNumérique) is a platform created to:

  1. help teachers integrate digitally enhanced activities on a daily basis;
  2. offer a variety of pedagogical practices that can easily be adapted in different contexts;
  3. see teachers and students in action;
  4. offer Digital and Educational Resources (DER) to plan and conduct digitally enhanced activities.

All resources were created during community of practice activities with teachers, pedagogical consultants and RÉCIT consultants. You can use and adapt all the resources found on this website according to the Creative Commons license.

You will find:

Different video clips:

  1. teachers and students in action
  2. tutorials, infographics, websites, etc.
  3. pedagogical consultants who model teaching practices

Short learning activities

Digital resources to support reinvestment in the classroom: templates, procedures, processes, methods, etc.

Free multiplatform technological tools

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RÉseau PédagoNumérique