This section gives you access to various workshops that were presented to teachers.

Web Tools for ESL Teachers
You do not have a lot of time at the computer lab but you wish to integrate ICTs in your (...)
Integrating ICTs in the ESL Classroom
For the last few years, the offer of digital educational resources increased. The (...)
Using Tablets in the ESL Classroom
Two-day training session on integrating tablets in the classroom at la Commission scolaire de (...)
Engage Students with Interactive Videos and Surveys
This workshop explores various survey tools to be used in the classroom. It also presents (...)
Technology and Assistive Technology
Workshop presented at the RREALS and RCCPALS fall session 2016. Intentions of this (...)
Go! Explore! Using Metaverse in the ESL classroom
Presented at l’AQUOPS convention in 2018 - Émilie Racine, ESL and RÉCIT consultant, CSP and (...)
Collaborative Writing
Today’s students should be in the center of the teaching and learning process. Making room to (...)
Day 2 - Using Tablets in the ESL Classroom
Workshop presented at the RREALS and RCCPALS October session 2015.
Integrating ICTs in the ESL Classroom
Training session at la Commission scolaire de Rouyn-Noranda in November 2017. The main goal (...)
Using Tablets in the ESL Classroom (RREALS and RCCPALS 2015)
Workshop presented at the RREALS and RCCPALS session in February 2015.
Using Interactive Surveys
In this workshop, we will present various pedagogical approaches to use with interactive (...)
Digital Storytelling
Come and experiment digital storytelling with us. Did you know that our brains become more (...)
Gamification in the Classroom
Gamification, if planned carefully, has been proven to be an effective method to increase (...)
Using the IWB in ESL
You have an interactive whiteboard in your classroom and you want to have different ideas and (...)
Robots and Storytelling
Workshop given at SPEAQ on Campus at UQÀM in February 2019. This workshop presents how to (...)
From Paper to Digital
In this workshop, participants learn about online tools available to organize their classroom, (...)
Producing and Sharing Podcast
This workshop was present during the SPEAQ IT! and DEESL online event on April 1st 2022. (...)