Interactive Resources

The Art of Prompting
A guide to help you make a better use conversational AI tools such as ChatGPT, Perplexity, (...)
Guidelines for a Responsible Use of AI
We have developed a guideline to assist you in responsibly navigating the use of AI. Some of (...)
What is a Text ?
Using authentic popular, literary and information-based texts with our students provides a (...)
Overview of the Writing Process
We created an interactive presentation that presents the writing process from the elementary (...)
Citing My Sources
Technology makes it so easy to access and share other people’s work that we can sometimes (...)
Expressing Fallacies
Information disorder may cause emotions to flare up and push us to comment or argue using (...)
The Art of Paraphrasing
Technology makes it so easy to access and use other people’s work that we can sometimes forget (...)
Biases and Information Disorder
Our brains can take mental "shortcuts" when processing information. Consult this interactive (...)
Animal Farm VS The Russian Revolution
One of the most popular allegories in English literature is George Orwell’s Animal Farm. (...)
Writing a Summary
This interactive presentation presents the features of a summary.
How to Take Notes Using a Graphic Organizer
In this interactive presentation, you will find short videos explaining how you can use (...)